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Your trips are Safe & Secure

All our driver’s background are vetted for any crime. We only accept responsible drivers into our system.

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Our prices are fairly calculated. We have maintained the best price with highest value.

Get Rewards for making trips

For every ride, we give a 10% cashback to the user, which can be utilized for airtime too up or free rides.

Your Everyday Needs in just one App

Go to places, eat healthy, refill your cooking gas, get your staff delivered instantly. Rikaab is everything.

Request a trip instantly

Set your pickup location and get connected to the nearest driver in no time. Or dial our Call Centre number 7000.

Order your food like a Pro

Order food from any of Mogadishu’s finest top 40 restaurants. Straight from the chef to your doorstep.

E-Commerce & Quick Delivery

Shopping online has never been easier. Thanks to Rikaab, you can now buy and shop products online without leaving your comfort zone.

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